In three easy steps


lets you easily estimate the effects of current or proposed office space capabilities on the financial value of the human capital for employees using that space. It also identifies key workspace, technology and planning features that are most important to work performance and retention for a specific group, or workforce.


Inform existing and future spaces


cost against a potential increase in the financial value of human

Generate the return on investment (ROI) for the payback of project

capital for employees using that space.


various office capability scenarios on human capital outcomes,

Refine your workspace strategy by estimating the effects of

and identifying key features.


by an existing space to the performance of

Compare the current human capital value caused

benchmark spaces from your industry

Our survey collects data on employee assessments of workplace features and workforce outcomes.


models the impact of workplace and technology features on three performance outcomes.


" increased the manager’s confidence in the project. It showed us improvements in performance, wellness, and satisfaction. This is fantastic news for us! Now we can prove the space really makes a difference and that investment in this kind of
strategy leads to high profits."

Andrea Sánchez · Co-founder & Partner Studio Sur
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