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EPM aligns their workplace strategy with “people” experience goals

Located in Central America, US, and Europe, their services improve the lives of more than 13 million people. 4,000 HQ employees. Wanted to re-design the interior of a 12-story office building to better support workforce effectiveness.

Relias uses
to inform design of
new HQ

Located in the US, it empowers more than 7,000 clients across the world. 500+ HQ employees. They wanted to re-design their new headquarters to better support workforce effectiveness.

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Defense industry leader shows competitive value, & guide new space strategy.

Located in the US, it employees over 70,000 people worldwide and ranks in the top 200 companies on the 2017 Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations, and ranks in the top-ten military-friendly employers.

“By baselining employee happiness in their work environment, empowers companies with critical data so they can ensure future environmental changes result in an overall net positive change.”

Tina Krebs · Chief People Officer Relias
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